Our Mandate & Objectives



KCTA’s prime activity is advocacy on issues that result in sustainable and responsible tourism  &  business growth in the region.

  • Advocacy on issues influencing and affecting   private sector  businesses
  • Provide platform for dissemination of information to members and allied sectors in relation to various issues;
  • Offer members with opportunities to network and promote their activities;
  • Advice members on the existing legal and regulatory framework that influence the sector;
  • Providing marketing and advertising opportunities


KCTA seeks to provide increased opportunities for enhancing the level of skills and knowledge base of its staff and industry stakeholders to enable them deliver professional and appropriate services to its members.

  • KCTA’s prime activity is advocacy on issues that results on sustainable and responsible tourism growth in the region by having an improved business environment for our members.


  • To safeguard the interest of tourists and members by continuously encouraging development of the tourist industry in the region; and


  • To take all the necessary steps that is advisable and feasible for the improvement of the tourism and other businesses within the Coast region


KCTA realizes that despite the existence of an umbrella body that brings together the Kenya Coast tourism stakeholders to address their needs. The association also appreciates the strengths of different organizations and groups to address particular sector issues. KCTA, therefore, works in collaboration with existing associations and institutions to strengthen their work and avoid duplication and waste of resources.