• Advocacy – KCTA’s prime activity is advocacy on issues that result in sustainable and responsible tourism & business growth in the region.
  • Lobby – we lobby on your behalf to ensure that your voice is heard by the key decision makers in central and local government
  • Information-Provide platform for dissemination of information to members and allied sectors in relation to various issues;
  • Advice- We offer advice to members on the existing legal and regulatory framework that influence the sector;
  • We provide Leadership – with members from the big tourism players to the small we are the best placed organization to lead from the front. We have access to the people and organizations whose decisions affect your business.
  • We are a brand. KCTA has the highest level of brand awareness and trust amongst the industry players.
  • Seal of Quality Logo -Permission to use the KCTAs logo on letterhead and Website to lend testimony of quality.
  • We provide linkages- with the Ministry of Tourism and our tourism related parastatals, County governments and other key stakeholders both government and private sector
  • Marketing and Promotional opportunities
  • We facilitate marketing and promotional opportunities for our membership, through internal networking and working with our locally and international strategic partners, e.g. KTB ,KTF among other partners ,
  • In partnership with KTB we developed an ultra-modern Tourist Information Center to the region as well as provide a marketing platform for our members to showcase their products and  services at  the center.
  • KCTA is committed to the promotion and development of the Coast Region as a desirable holiday and business destination.  Members benefit from regional branding and support.
  • Networking Opportunities
  • As a member, you will have many opportunities to share knowledge and experiences with industry colleagues. Peer and colleague networking.
  • Our members build personal contacts locally, nationally and at an international level that lead to identifying partners for joint marketing, research projects, and developing the kind of relationships that provide long lasting business opportunities.
  • We host several events at which members can network with both public and private sector decision makers, e.g., general meetings, members mingles, networking cocktail receptions.  As a member you also get detailed mailing and contact information to key decision makers
  • Priority invitations to KCTA events to find out more about latest issues and trends affecting your business and speaking on behalf of the industry.
  • Capacity Building –We run programs on training that support member’s growth
  • Can nominate and vote for KCTA Board
  • Listing on KCTA Members page  or  website
  • Discounts advertising rates in all KCTA endorsed publications

Automatic membership to KTF and KEPSA