Our Mandate & Objectives



KCTA’s prime activity is advocacy on issues that result in sustainable and responsible tourism growth in the region, to form partnerships towards marketing and branding the coast region, aid, support and facilitate members ability to reach their target market, network with key decision makers, create opportunities for the growth and development of members business, voice their ideas and opinions, and to keep you up to date the current trends and information.



KCTA has been involved in advocacy and lobbying in two levels;

National level; Through Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) KCTA has continued to play a pivotal and complementary role in business advocacy efforts aimed at presenting a unified voice at the National level.

Directly and Locally; KCTA has successfully been involved in lobbying the government on policy issues which affect the sector at the Coast and demand for better and quality services by public institutions. It promote responsiveness by bringing together various stakeholders from the region to lobby for good governance within the local government, service delivery institutions, and the private sector and ensure efficient and effective service delivery to our members.



KCTA seeks to provide increased opportunities for enhancing the level of skills and knowledge base of its staff and industry stakeholders to enable them deliver professional and appropriate services to its members.



  • To foster and maintain tourist traffic, to safeguard the interest of the tourist, and to encourage the improvement and development of the tourism industry and allied services within the said area.
  • To acquire, collate, distribute and advertise through the available means of circulation, information in regards to the attraction, resources, statistics, facilities, cultural amenities and services.
  • To prepare, print, publish and acquire any literature document, brochure maps, postcards and any written audio or visual material as may be of interest to travelers and distribute by sale or otherwise.
  • To acquire funds via grants, donations, subscriptions or otherwise in furtherance of the objective and to invest any monies not immediately required for use as may be determined from time to time.
  • To take all the necessary steps that are advisable and feasible for the improvement of the tourist attraction and conditions of travel purchases annexation, undertaking a license, by gift or otherwise within the mentioned periphery.


KCTA realizes that despite the existence of an umbrella body that brings together the Kenya Coast tourism stakeholders to address their needs. The association also appreciates the strengths of different organizations and groups to address particular sector issues. KCTA, therefore, works in collaboration with existing associations and institutions to strengthen their work and avoid duplication and waste of resources.