Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Established the Tourist Police Unit after intense lobbying at the height of insecurity in 1980.

Piloted the Beach Management Project. With the beaches being the major tourist product at the Kenyan coast, KCTA developed a comprehensive beach management project and secured funding from the UNWTO IN 2011. A pilot program begun in 2011 and we graduated 550 trained beach operators in December 2014. This has also been done in Lamu with a total of 80 beach operators and tour guides trained. This will repackage our coastal beaches as ideal tourist sites by enhancing the quality of services that tourist receive at the Kenyan Coast.

KCTA successfully researched on branding of the coast which was dully adopted by KTB in 2012.

KCTA successfully secured funding towards developing a web portal, a tool that will enhance marketing the Coast as a separate destination and improve traffic flow and is ongoing.

KCTA in collaboration with other tourism stakeholders participates in activities aimed at showcasing the regions tourism potential.

KCTA partnered with SOLWODI towards creating a code of conduct on child sex tourism and having hotels sign the code.

KCTA chairs the water resource users association in Mombasa. An initiative that bring together private sector and investors in the water sector

KCTA currently organizes the Governor’s round tables in six counties at the Coast region. A platform where the business sector and residents engage governors on service delivery.

KCTA lobbied KTB to give concessions to private sector stakeholders for participation in trade fairs.

KCTA partnered with AIG Insurance to provide an alternative Inbound Insurance coverage that included terrorism for U.K. tourists whose insurance refused to cover them due to ongoing terror alerts.